Stay Safe

Hotel Navona Colors Rome


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Hygiene and safety are essential values for our hotels. The quality of the service and the comfort of our guests is a prerogative that we cannot give up.

For this reason, to start over, we have carried out deep disinfection and sanitation interventions of all the rooms and environments of our facilities and we have invested in cutting-edge technologies to offer only the utmost care and cleaning.

Our cleaning standards have risen further and we can only expect the best for those who place their trust in us.

Our House keeping and cleaning procedures, already highly appreciated by our Guests, have been exponentially enhanced thanks to natural, non-harmful steam disinfection tools, free of aggressive chemical agents, which ensure maximum hygiene.

Each room is sanitized and sanitized every day with unprecedented traceability measures.

Our latest generation machines effectively reduce any bacterial and viral loads and are at zero risk for allergies and intolerances as they use steam at 180 ° and a safe and non-aggressive medical surgical device.