What to see in Rome

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Culture and magnificent landscapes, popular districts and high fashion boutiques, immense parks and street art: Rome is all this and much more.

To get to know it and discover it little by little, ask our staff what to see in Rome and we will advise you on all the most beautiful routes, the most characteristic neighborhoods to visit, the well-known and lesser-known corners. These are just some of the things you absolutely cannot miss.

Piazza Navona

It was said that true and proper maritime battles were played out here, but today we know that the space was dedicated to athletic games. Its Baroque fountains and buildings render this one of the most regal piazzas in all of Italy.

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Piazza San Pietro

The symbol and epicentre of the Christian Catholic Church, one of the largest religious edifices in the world. Preserved within are some of the real masterpieces of Italian art, such as Michelangelo’s Pieta and the St. Peter’s Baldachin, with its famous helical columns by Bernini. Each Sunday, one may attend the Angelus held by the Pope in the square outside the Basilica.

Vatican Museums

It is impossible to go to Rome without visiting them. But be careful - this gallery is immense and it is important to choose carefully what to see before booking a visit. Its works, in fact, range from Ancient Egyptian art through to the Raphael Rooms and the famous Sistine Chapel masterfully frescoed by Michelangelo.


The Flavian Amphitheatre is probably the most impressive architectural work ever created by the Romans, a symbol of imperial power but also of the extravagant passion of its citizens for the fierce games that saw ferocious beasts and Gladiators as their protagonists.


It is really wonderful to sit and contemplate the classical art in this church, dedicated first and foremost to the gods and then to the martyrs of Rome, with its dome that was considered to be the largest in Europe prior to the Renaissance. At the centre of this dome, a hole lets through a beam of light that renders the atmosphere mythic and surreal. Perhaps this is the reason why all the Savoy family and even Raphael asked to be interred here.

Villa Borghese

In the park surrounding the lavish Villa Borghese, it is possible to take a stroll or even rent a row-boat to cross the lake. Yet above all, it is the museum of the Villa that deserves a visit. Here you can see works by Bernini, Raphael, Caravaggio and Titian.

Via del Corso and Via Condotti

The temple of haute couture is found here, concentrated in a few kilometres of street. Armani, Gucci, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, Fendi: the splendid windows of these boutiques are an exceptional exercise in style and showcase a preview of all the latest trends in international fashion.

Piazza di Spagna

The heart of romantic Rome. For many years, this is where poets, writers and artists from all over the world have come to live, including Keats and Goethe. Beautiful by day, bright and vivacious by night, it is an ideal location to enjoy a coffee outdoors.


If you have had enough of museums, monuments and art galleries, toss your travel guide aside and head to Trastevere, where you can stroll along the narrow historic streets and enjoy the most authentic and vibrant atmosphere of the city, the artisan shops, the most chic restaurants and trendy bars.

Street art

300 works in 150 different locations. These are the numbers behind Roman street art. Modern frescoes and murals under the open sky that, in recent years, have redesigned the fabric of entire neighbourhoods of the Capital. Take a stroll in the Ostiense district, to Testaccio or San Lorenzo, and you may come across one of these extraordinary and unconventional works of art.